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Pleasure is when love and its object meet.
To love is to eat.
To love is to give oneself to be eaten. (p.84)

The Latin languages preserve an intuition which seems to be absent from English.  Their words for ‘knowledge’ and ‘taste’ come from the same root. Sapere, in Latin, means both to ‘know’ and to ‘have flavour’. In my language, saber – to know, and sabor taste.  Eating and knowing have the same origin.  To know something is to feel its taste, what it does to my body.  Reality is not rawness, the ‘things-in-themselves’. Reality is the result of the alchemic transformation by fire, the food which is taken inside my body. (p.85-86)

The dead man: the raw.
But it was transformed by the fire of the villagers’ imagination.
And they, themselves, were resurrected by participating in the anthropophagic ritual…

The body is a kitchen.
Without the fire that burns inside,
the fire of hunger,
there cannot be any hope of resurrection, because we are what we eat. (p.87)



Fragile, I wait.



Fragile, I wait.
Soft new tendrils shooting
are greeted with joy.
There is little definition,
no certainty
but possibility
and that is enough
to hope.

Talitha Fraser

With words I try


With words I try
to describe the shape
of silence
a sonar cry
of what is
into what isn’t
and learn
the shape of

Talitha Fraser

The secret of your being


I pick up the leaf
and I say to the leaf
be my compass.
I can see you,
hold and touch you,
you leaf are real.
Will you show me?
Will you tell me how?
Please share the secret
of your being.

Talitha Fraser

You have to start


You have to start
knowing you might not finish
You have to start
knowing you might not get very far
You have to start
knowing it might not make any difference
You have to start
You have to start

Talitha Fraser



Lie back.
Dwell in your own skin.
Made by Me and belonging to Me.
Nothing and no one can take that away.
What I make, I see, and say that it is good.
Nothing knows its purpose but I know its Purpose.
Nothing knows its place but I know its Place.
Nothing knows itself but I know its Self.
You are as you were made to be –
no more or less than that.
No less Mine for that.
Lie back.
Dwell in your own skin.

Talitha Fraser

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All that I am


all that I am
anything that I am
is what you made me to be
as much as I am broken,
I am made
as much as I am fallen,
I am raised
as much as I am wounded,
I am restored
as much as I am consumed,
I am made whole
I am drawn towards You, Creator Spirit
the seasons and the cycles
of transformation that are the
source of such wonder and dread
my doing and my undoing
are in You

Talitha Fraser



“Old words do not reach across the new gulfs, and it is only in vision and oracle that we can chart the unknown and new-name the creatures.

Before the message there must be the vision, before the sermon, the hymn, before the prose, the poem.

Before any new theologies however secular and radical there must be a contemporary theopoetic.  The structures of faith and confession have always rested on hierophanics and images. But in each new age and climate the theopoetic of the church is reshaped in inseparable relation to the general imagination of the time.”

– from the foreword to Grace Confounding: Poems




You are not unknown



Hey God,

We’re not down, we’re not out, but we’re hurting.
This vulnerability sits like an open wound and
every new hit jars it.
We breathe through it, lean into it,
listen for what the pain has to tell us.

Lend us quiet that allows us to hear
the harmonies of the universe that let
us know, even in this, as we are, we have
a place in the order of things.

Lend us space that allows us freedom
for those things that are tight to loosen,
those thoughts and events moving quickly
time to slow so that we can look and
see them clearly.

Lend us peace that allows us grace
to tell the difference between our internal
and external insecurities – our own and
also of those around us.

There is much that is unknown,
but You are not.

We are grateful for that.

Lead us. Teach us. Send us.



Talitha Fraser